How the wettest July on UK record will affect your horse! And how to stop it!

In 2023, parts of the UK have experienced the wettest July on record, EVER!

An Article from The Guardian Newspaper published on the 1st of August 2023. View here.

Now, while this has been good for your horse as they haven’t been attacked by flies, and it’s been good for your wallet, as you haven’t had to buy fly repellent it is going to mean that very soon you will have a HUGE problem!

You see, as it begins to warm up again, the air becomes humid. While people enjoy the heat flies enjoy it more. This is because flies thrive in humidity as it allows them to breed and lay their eggs, and come out more during the day without the risk of drying out which is perfect for them as there is now more food for them due to the humidity and moisture breaking down organic matter which flies feed on.

This means that shortly after it rains there is a VERY large increase of flies in certain areas, especially around horses!

This can catch many equestrians off guard as they have not prepared for the change in weather and humidity and the increase of flies that come with it meaning their horses are left without protection from these vicious creatures.

But how can you stop this?

Well, Fly Free Equine manufacture what is considered the most effective fly repellent on the market which is endorsed by top equestrians and is extremely affordable, and will not hurt your bank balance like other brands will!

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